Meet Our Team 

Meet our staff with Simply Yours Concierge. Upon joining our staff, each team member undergoes a complete background check, they become covered under our company insurance policy, and each provide references which are available upon request. Our team of pet sitters, dog sitters, and cat sitters are experienced in pet safety and security along with care and companionship. Below you’ll find further information about our team.



Hey there! I’m Abby, and I've been helping with Simply Yours Concierge since the fall of 2020, and in July 2021, I moved into my current role as Supervisor for the company.

This is my best pal Jax, a blue heeler/staffordshire terrier mix! I rescued Jax when he was a month shy of turning 2 in March 2019, and he’s been the greatest addition to my life. it’s been a wonderful experience so far as a professional dog walker/pet sitter - every client is so welcoming and friendly, and their animals are just as amazing. I graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and someday plan on going back for my Masters. I'm a been a certified vet assistant through Animal Behavior college, and have worked at a vet's office. I was an assistant manager at a daycare facility for almost 3 years. Being located in South Brunswick for a decade now, it's easy to see how our clients help make this a wonderful community. Working with animals of all sizes has always been a passion of mine - my friends and family say I have a special connection with animals that is very rare. Every single animal I meet, I treat them as if they’re my own, with compassion, love, and respect. I’m so looking forward to meeting future clients and their furry family members and building a wonderful bond with them all!


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Hi! I’m Jill, and I started working with Simply Yours Concierge in the Spring of 2019. I’ve been loving every minute of it since! An animal lover since birth, the simple truth is I became a dog walker/pet sitter by default, without even realizing it! In addition to our Fox Terrier Snoopy, I played with all of my neighbors, friends and families cats, dogs, bunnies, mice, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs, constantly growing up and learned all about pet behavior and personalities through a lifetime of hands on experience, despite having asthmatic allergies. I even helped out many coworkers and several bosses over the years with their pets needs, and everyone always said I have a way with animals that’s special. Being an all encompassing animal lover (I even owned a tarantula!) I never shy away from too big, too small, unfriendly, or unwell pets, and am very comfortable giving medicine and shots to them.

Thankfully I’ve been asthma/allergy free for years now and just love sticking my face in dog and cat fur with no repercussions, I just love them so much, I can’t help it! ! I treat all the pets I have the privilege of servicing as if they were my own, with love, friendship, companionship, safety, and fun as well as following any and all instructions, ensures your pet will thoroughly enjoy our time spent together! Being able to assist fellow pet owners and providing love and care for their pets in their absence, combined with spending time with their amazing animals and being outside with them is a dream come true! I have a background in art, and was in retail management before becoming an administrator in a radon lab for well over a decade, so I have serious customer service skills and apply that to all of my walks and visits. I love art, movies, going to NYC to shop and see shows, reading and traveling, but my favorite thing of all is being at home and having fun with my husband and our kooky cat Simon.


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Hi! My name is Jeff and I’ve been with Simply Yours Concierge since the Winter of 2019. I look after our clients on a daily basis and build a strong bond with them throughout the walk. I am always happy when I get to meet a new dog or cat and learn their personalities and likes and dislikes. It makes me a better pet parent. I am a huge proponent of animal rescue and awareness. I grew up in a household of animals with many cats and dogs, whether they were rescues or strays. After years of being without a cat or a dog, I welcomed my first cat, Simon, into my home in 2013, and that was it. From then on, I took in 2 more cats, Rose and Jonah, and an elderly dog, Abby. Thankfully, they all get along famously. I have a full time career, in addition to working for Simply Yours Concierge, I’m a volunteer at Save Animal Shelter in Skillman, from where I adopted my cats and dog. I credit this experience for reigniting my love of animals and passion for rescue and service to those who can’t help themselves. I am very happy to be working for Simply Yours Concierge and I look forward to meeting many more dogs, cats, and others, young and old.



Hi, I'm Terry and I've been on the Simply Yours Concierge team since June 2021. I cover dog walks and pet sitting visits on weekdays. I grew up with German Shepherds and have always had them until my last one passed in 2018. Before joining the team, I always took care of of relatives and friend's dogs when possible. At one point, I had a cat and bearded dragon lizard. I found and saved the cat from being outside and gave it a home until a better suited one was found, because I had 2 shepherds at that time! I have a passion for all animals - whether they're domestic and/or wild!

In my spare time, I love watching my kids play sports and going to the beach. What I love about this job is I get to meet all kinds of new pets and people, along with being outside and on the move.



Hi, I'm Sue and I joined the Simply Yours Concierge team in January 2021. I have owned pets my whole life ranging from cats, dogs, rabbits, lizards, and fish. I have also rescued critters out of the pool in my yard to nurse them back to health. A few years ago, I retired from the healthcare field after 38 years to find my dream job working with the souls that need us the most. I am a lifelong fighter for animal rights having joined the ASPCA and PETA back in the late 90s and early 2000s. I currently have three rescue dogs and two rescued cats.

In my spare time, I love walking, hiking, of course playing with my dogs and cats, gardening, stargazing and bird watching - pretty much anything to do with nature and the outdoors.

I love the dogs that go crazy in the snow because we share our love of that weather. I love the ones that just chill and take it all in and sniff the air in the ground and get a whole sense of their surroundings. Animals are very grounding.

What I love most about this job is caring for the animals. One tail wag equals a thousand smiles. All the different sizes, shapes and personalities of the animals. It's a very rewarding job. What I also love about the job is the clients are extremely nice and passionate about their pets - they want the best for them and they're not super extravagant. It is all around very rewarding. If I ever had high blood pressure it would definitely be very low at this point.



Hello! My name is Sophia, and I joined the Simply Yours Concierge team in the Summer of 2021. I’m currently a grad student at Temple University and I am from Philadelphia. I enjoy traveling, being with my family and friends , mystery and crime shows and reading. I’ve always grown up with cats, and taking care of strays in the neighborhood. I currently have a cat named Scout with Cerebellar Hypoplasia that makes walking difficult. She’s the best and gives so much love. Here she’s pictured celebrating her 6th birthday with whipped cream. I’ve also spent time dog walking and pet sitting for neighbors, family and friends.

What I enjoy most about working for Simply Yours Concierge is the time spent with our furry friends, the good mood they put me in, the chance to take care of them and help out whenever I can. I look forward to meeting more!



Hi there, I'm Nick. I joined the Simply Yours Concierge team in November of 2020. Growing up, I’ve always had animals in the house. Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, and now currently a rabbit. I took care of our family dog and my cat as they got older - I gave them medicine and figured out how to make them comfortable. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my rabbit - when I’m not with him, I’m probably hanging out with friends or watching TV.

My favorite thing about this job is connecting with the animals and caring for them. Finding out what they like and what their behavior and body language means and what they want. They are a joy to work with.



Hi, I'm Kelly! I joined the Simply Yours Concierge team in March of 2022. I have 2 little dogs of my own! A teacup Yorkie named Holly, and a Pomeranian named Django. I’ve previously pet sat for other people with bigger dogs, working on leash walking and simple training. In my spare time I like to work on my art, listen to music, and I volunteer at the local nursing home. What I love most about working for Simply Yours Concierge is spending time with the lovely pets that we get the honor to take care of!



Hi, I'm Michele and I joined Simply Yours Concierge team at the beginning of March 2022. I have always had dogs my whole entire life. Dogs bring such enjoyment to me and my family. In my spare time I love to garden. I grow everything from seed and watch them grow through the spring summer and fall. What I love about my job is that I’m meeting dogs that are so precious and have such unique traits about them. I love playing with them, walking them, and caring for them.



Hi, I'm Nicole and I have been with the Simply Yours Concierge team since November 2021. I have had pets my entire life, both dogs and cats. Beyond having my own animals, I have also helped family and friends with their pets, whether it's keeping them at my house for a week or going to visit with them. I am the proud mom of two cats,  Liam and Avery who are my world.

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors,  camping,  cooking, reading, concerts, meditation, spending time with family and friends.

What I absolutely love about this job is being the person you and your pet can trust to take care of them as well as you take care of them! It is the most rewarding job I've ever had, and I'm so grateful to be doing it.



Hi, I'm Kareem and I started with the Simply Yours Concierge team in February 2022. I have had animals my entire life, and I grew up with dogs, cats , hamsters and a bunch of other animals. What I love doing in my spare time is sleeping and being with family. 

What I love about this job is the freedom and flexibility of schedule and seeing the dogs and cats.



Hi, I'm Angie! I joined the Simply Yours Concierge team in September of 2021. I've worked with animals for a very long time since I was young, 11 years old, primarily with dogs but cats also and farm animals too.. Primarily tending to their feeding and cleaning routines. I also have walked family and friend's dogs and looked after them when they'd be out for the day. I've also done volunteering work with local rescues.

In my spare time, I love to travel even if it's only out of town.

What I love about the job is being able to spend my time with animals. Keeping them company is the best, and being able to knowledgeably look after and take care of them is one of the greatest things in the world!! My heart is always in my work.



Hi, I'm Tess! I joined the Simply Yours Concierge team in February of 2022. My pet care experience is having my own dogs and cats, in addition to many pet sitting gigs I did when I was younger for family and friends. During my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends or family. What I love most about this job is meeting all the different dogs/cats for our clients.