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Meet our staff at Simply Yours Concierge. Each one of our team members is in expert pet sitter with a knack for dog walking! Our team undergoes a complete background check, are covered under the company insurance policy and have excellent references available upon request. Below you will find more information about them, in their own words.


Hey there! I'm Shannon and this is my pal Derek! I have been working for Simply Yours Concierge since the summer of 2017. I currently help out with both dog walking and pet sitting, in addition to occasional house sitting visits. I have had plenty of experience with pet sitting due to owning a mixed-breed dog named Duke and a German Shepherd named Shadow. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and cooking. If there's an excuse to go outside, I'm there! Working for Simply Yours Concierge is so rewarding because I get to spend time with my favorite animals, and seeing them gets me super excited about making visits with them. It's an amazing feeling to know that you're giving them the best care that they can possibly receive!


Hi I'm Dawn. I have been with Simply Yours Concierge since the fall of 2017. I've been living in Princeton Junction for the past seven years, and I'm a lifelong dog and cat lover. I've had four dogs of my own over the course of my life. Peaches was my toy poodle and is pictured here with me. The other animals that I've had include cats and a bunny. In my free time, I contribute to various animal charities and I get involved with animal rights activism. I also enjoy working out, dancing, cooking, art, travel and watching Law and Order SVU. Being on the team with Simply Yours Concierge is enjoyable for me because the dogs and cats that I visit put a smile on my face, and put me in a good mood. I find that hugging and petting them is very comforting to them and to me too. I really love them!


Hi! I’m Jill, and I started working with Simply Yours Concierge in the Spring of 2019. I’ve been loving every minute of it since! An animal lover since birth, the simple truth is I became a dog walker/pet sitter by default, without even realizing it! In addition to our Fox Terrier Snoopy, I played with all of my neighbors, friends and families cats, dogs, bunnies, mice, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs, constantly growing up and learned all about pet behavior and personalities through a lifetime of hands on experience, despite having asthmatic allergies. I even helped out many coworkers and several bosses over the years with their pets needs, and everyone always said I have a way with animals that’s special. Being an all encompassing animal lover (I even owned a tarantula!) I never shy away from too big, too small, unfriendly, or unwell pets, and am very comfortable giving medicine and shots to them.

Thankfully I’ve been asthma/allergy free for years now and just love sticking my face in dog and cat fur with no repercussions, I just love them so much, I can’t help it! ! I treat all the pets I have the privilege of servicing as if they were my own, with love, friendship, companionship, safety, and fun as well as following any and all instructions, ensures your pet will thoroughly enjoy our time spent together! Being able to assist fellow pet owners and providing love and care for their pets in their absence, combined with spending time with their amazing animals and being outside with them is a dream come true! I have a background in art, and was in retail management before becoming an administrator in a radon lab for well over a decade, so I have serious customer service skills and apply that to all of my walks and visits. I love art, movies, going to NYC to shop and see shows, reading and traveling, but my favorite thing of all is being at home and having fun with my husband and our kooky cat Simon.


​Hi! I'm Lisa, and the dog's Mulan, my crazy Florida hound. I've been working with Simply Yours Concierge since the winter of 2019. I grew up on Long Island, but spent a decade in the sunny south, working on farms, parks, public lands, and dealing with just about every critter you can name. I've caught charging goats by the horns, herded alligators, run down hogs, swam with barracuda, and made friends with a turkey vulture. I'm back up North for a spell, so Kyle keeps me occupied with dog walking and various other pet sits. I've got practical experience dealing with unruly pets, and administrating basic medical care (pills, shots, ect). I also have experience with exotics and hoofstock, so if you have a pet goat, gnu, gator, goldfinch, goldfish, golden retriever or Godzilla, chances are we can help you out.


Hi! My name is Jeff and I’ve been with Simply Yours Concierge since the Winter of 2019. I look after our clients on a daily basis and build a strong bond with them throughout the walk. I am always happy when I get to meet a new dog or cat and learn their personalities and likes and dislikes. It makes me a better pet parent. I am a huge proponent of animal rescue and awareness. I grew up in a household of animals with many cats and dogs, whether they were rescues or strays. After years of being without a cat or a dog, I welcomed my first cat, Simon, into my home in 2013, and that was it. From then on, I took in 2 more cats, Rose and Jonah, and an elderly dog, Abby. Thankfully, they all get along famously. I’m a full time professional musician in NYC and perform elsewhere across the country. In addition to working for Simply Yours Concierge, I’m a long-time employee at McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton and a volunteer at Save Animal Shelter in Skillman, from where I adopted my cats and dog. I credit this experience for reigniting my love of animals and passion for rescue and service to those who can’t help themselves. I am very happy to be working for Simply Yours Concierge and I look forward to meeting many more dogs, cats, and others, young and old.


Hi, I'm Maureen and in the summer of 2019 I joined the team at Simply Yours Concierge. I'm obsessed with animals, especially dogs and cats. I personally have 3 awesome dogs - 2 pugs and a yorkie. I also have 3 cats. My pugs have severe health issues and my husband always says, you always pick the sickest ones, "that's right". They need that little something extra. 

I've been dog walking for about the last 15 years on and off. I was also in the corporate world for 30+ years but dog walking was always a better fit for me. You get to go every day to work and get met with happiness and excitement. I can't think of a better way to spend my day. 


​Hi, I’m Victoria and I have been working with Simply Yours Concierge since the summer of 2016. Since then, I've been contributing to walking dogs as well as pet and house sitting. I have had a Jack Russell Terrier growing up my whole life, two rabbits and multiple guinea pigs. They have helped me understand how important the companionship of a pet is! Outside of being a full time student at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, I enjoy spending time at my shore house and traveling with my family and my dog Frazier. Working with Simply Yours Concierge allows me to spend time helping out other families and their pets while doing something I enjoy, all with the responsibility that families are trusting me with one of their own!


Hi, My name is Thea and I have been with Simply Yours Concierge since the spring of 2018. I assist with walking dogs and pet sitting mostly during the weekends, as well as overnight stays. I have had pets all my life. Currently I have four Chihuahuas and two cats. I love taking good care of all of them. They are equal members of my family and as my friends, my pets help me to understand animals better. I also have three years of experience with the Belle Mead Animal Hospital as veterinarian technician assistant where I gained experience how to work with different types of pets in a various medical conditions. Working in that hospital also provided me the opportunity to meet with many pet owners and understand what customer service is all about. Currently I am a full time employee at Princeton University and besides taking care of animals and working with numbers, I love traveling, fine food and dancing. My motto in life is: Balance is the key to any success.. Pet sitting with the Simply Yours Concierge team is filling my life up with more love and positive energy as our clients are the best.


Simply Yours Concierge is highly recommended by Kristin Morrison, Pet Business Coach

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