Pet Interview: Apollo in Princeton

October 25, 2016


Next up in our Pet Interview series, we have Apollo. Apollo is a daily dog walking client of Simply Yours Concierge, as well as a pet sitting client, and has quite the affable personality.


What's your name and how old are you?

- Hi! I'm Apollo, and I'm 3. 

What breed of dog are you?

- I'm a Toy Poodle, but I like to consider myself as just a Poodle.

Do you have any siblings?

- No, unfortunately I do not. However, I do have many friends in my neighborhood that are also clients with Simply Yours Concierge.

Do you enjoy the company of your neighbors?

- Yes! But I only like to see them on occasion, as I prefer solo walks. Typically I'll be outside on a walk with Kyle or my mom, Gloria, and I'll see one of my neighborhood friends. So we'll kind of say hello, but I won't approach them as I'm very wary of other dogs and materials in the outside environment.

What are your owners' names?

- My mom is Gloria.

What town do you live in?

- I live on the border of South Brunswick and Princeton. But if you want to get technical about it, I live in South Brunswick.

What's your favorite activity?

- Definitely walking down to the gazebo in my neighborhood. A little more than a quarter of a mile away from my house is a gazebo that's on the side of a manmade lake. I enjoy sitting on the bench for a few minutes and looking around at things. The gazebo is at the halfway point of my longest walks, and it's a great resting place that allows me to catch my breath. Honorable mention: playing and cheating in checkers (above picture).

What do you do during the day when your owners aren't home?

- I typically sleep all day. It's my fourth favorite activity to do following walking down to the gazebo, playing with toys, and barking at handymen and construction workers. Every weekday, I wait for Kyle to come over around noon to let me out to pee and get some exercise. He also gives me lunch which is a good thing.

If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

- Eat some Zuke's treats.

If you could tell your owner anything, what would it be?

- First, I don't have an owner because I'm my own man. I would probably tell Gloria that I'm getting a little annoyed at the construction in our neighborhood. I can't wait for the neighboring houses to finish being built.

Are you a pet sitting or dog walking client of Simply Yours Concierge?

- Both! I am primarily a dog walking client of Simply Yours Concierge as Kyle comes by Monday through Friday to go for walks with me. But Gloria has also asked Kyle and Simply Yours Concierge to look after me for some pet sitting and overnight stays in the recent past.

Final question: What do you like about Simply Yours Concierge?

- Hmm. I like that Kyle walks quickly. I never have to be held back from walking as fast as I can. That's pretty cool. 

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