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What it's like on our Team

One of the coolest parts about being a pet sitter is seeing the faces of the dogs and cats who are visited by us when we first arrive. Sure, other benefits include getting fresh air, the ability to make your own schedule, and a commission-based pay scale. Yet there is nothing quite like arriving at a cat sitting visit or dog walking visit when those cute ones have excitement all over their face.

Being responsible and reliable for our clients is what we're all about. Hanging out with dogs and cats as a team member is super fun - Working with Simply Yours Concierge as a cat sitter, dog walker, or pet sitter in general is a rewarding part time employment experience. Whether you're retired, a student, or have free time in your schedule for some extra income, working with us can help you fulfill your needs.

What we do isn't for the casual or lazy type of worker - it is very important to look after the safety and security of both our clients' homes and also their pets.

Kyle will train and support you, help you work through your schedule requirements, and then coordinate and communicate with you about everything regarding pet care.

Pet sitting on the Simply Yours Concierge team is a rewarding experience. Reach out to Kyle if you have any questions or an interest in joining our team!

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