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Using etiquette for walking your dog during COVID-19

As a professional pet sitter, it's become clear that in these trying times with the COVID-19 way of life there is a "new" consideration to take into account when walking your dog - utilizing etiquette and consideration towards others. Previously, and I'm sure still, people love to bring their dog up to others/strangers, and have them interact. But with COVID-19 in New Jersey and all places, more than ever people should social distance and be wary of others getting too close for comfort.

This has led to a focus on dog walker etiquette when out in public. COVID-19 has shaped the way in which we not only interact with others, but in how our animals/dogs interact with one another.

Ensuring that interactions are limited or non existent with other pets and their owners is vital. If you're walking multiple dogs at one time, taking care that the leashes aren't interacting is also very important. Crossing the street when possible as you approach close to another dog, or if they're approaching you is a good practice to use these days, and always.

With people now wearing masks, dogs have more difficulty picking up physical and facial cues from their owners. This is why it's more important than ever to be sure your dog is under control and follows your lead verbally. Dogs don't know what it means to social distance, they want to say hi to everyone. Keeping in mind the etiquette that it takes to be a pet sitter and also cat sitter, we want to be sure that everyone is safe and respectful towards others.

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