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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Welcome to our second blog post!

Our second post will go over a few things for the Pet Care Services that we offer. Starting with the 5 Tips and Tricks for beginning your service with Simply Yours Concierge, we'll go over some ways to prepare your pet for when your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter come to visit your home. Second, I'll be giving an update on the growth of the company as we expand our reach throughout Central New Jersey as a premier Pet Care and Errand Services company. Then, the new Referral Program AND the reveal of the new Logo!

5 Tips and Tricks for beginning Pet Care Services with Simply Yours Concierge

When beginning new Pet Care Services with us, it's common to be unsure of how to prepare your pet. Sometimes a pet can be tentative and shy, but you can rest assured as all of the Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters at Simply Yours Concierge are professional and caring people who want nothing more than to give your loved one the attention that they deserve. Your pet will be treated as if they were our own. Along those lines, there are ways to ensure your pet is prepared for the arrival of a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter before you leave.

As always, before actually beginning your Dog Walk or Pet Sit services with us, I schedule an appointment to meet both your pet and you, as well as to go over some pieces of information about our company. Following the initial appointment to discuss and take care of your needs, these 5 Tips and Tricks will work perfect for when you schedule visits with us.

1. Before you leave your home, it's best to make certain that your pet has enough food and treats to last for the duration of your time away. Doing so will avoid any unnecessary complications that may arise for both you and your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter. Your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter will also replenish your pet's bowl with fresh and cold water before leaving.

2. Please make sure that your pet has ID tags on their collar before you leave. Your pet should always have identification so they can be ready for any situation that may arise. It's a simple thing to do, yet is a very important component of making sure your pet is taken care of properly.

3. Always leave your dog's leash where we can find it. Leaving the leash out for your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter ensures that when we come to care for your dog we can begin the service immediately upon arrival. Instead of searching for the leash, this saves time and frustration. It also helps us take your dog for his or her exercise immediately so they can start expending some energy.

4. Pet Medication is a vital aspect of properly taking care of your pet. Please place any medications that your pet may take in a place where the sitter can find them easily. Examples of such spots are countertops in the kitchen or a specifically mentioned drawer or cabinet. Along these lines, it cannot be overstated just how important it really is for you to leave detailed instructions for your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter on administering the medication for your pet. This can be the difference between proper care and improper care for your loved one.

5. Following #4, please leave us any care instructions for your pet. Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker needs to be well-informed in order to allow your pet to completely enjoy themselves while under our care. A note, text or email will suffice and help us completely.

The 5 Tips and Tricks for preparing your pet for our service are very easy and simple. I also hope that they can give you some peace of mind that here at Simply Yours Concierge we are professional and understand the importance of caring for your loved one. These guidelines also give your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter peace of mind that they can solely focus on the Pet Care Services provided and properly care for your pets.

For further questions or concerns about best preparing your pet for your time away please contact myself via email or text.

Whats New with Simply Yours Concierge

Over the last few weeks, we have been expanding our reach via Social Media. You can find and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, and Yelp via the toolbar on the bottom of the pages on our website. Social Media works wonders for businesses and individuals alike, and I hope to grow the reach of Simply Yours Concierge using these tools. It's especially useful for a business like ours, which specializes in Pet Care and Errand Services, to reach those in the community who could find us useful.

Our Referral Program

I definitely recommend to clients and friends that they make use of Simply Yours Concierge's Referral Program. The Referral Program is offered to those who simply refer prospective clients to us. Anytime a prospective client mentions to me that they were referred by you, then as a result you can get a free service to use whenever you want for each occasion that you refer someone.

The NEW Simply Yours Concierge Logo

Central NJ Dog Walker, Central NJ Pet Sitter, Central NJ Errand Service

As you can see, above is our new logo. It's simple, and blue, which is my favorite color (that seems to be a theme throughout the website too). I will be putting the logo on new promotional clothing, in our social media pages, on business cards, and on flyers that you may notice throughout the community.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,


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