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Separation anxiety with pets and COVID-19

Separation anxiety was already an issue with some of our pets and now that COVID-19 and the pandemic has swept through our communities, our pets will be used to our attention like never before.

As most have been staying home every day for the last 5-6 months with the COVID-19 quarantine and remote work, our dogs and cats have gotten used to us showering attention on them with a constant presence at home. Taking your dog for multiple walks per day to get fresh air, sitting on the couch with them while we work from home, playing with them, and generally not leaving the house.

This has dramatically changed our pets' perception of reality, and our not leaving the home has for some pets now amplified their separation anxiety issues. As a result, they're going to feel left behind or have trouble adjusting when you do eventually go back to your office or on extended vacations.

As a professional pet sitter, it's become clear to me that this will be a noticeable trend for our pets in the coming weeks and months, if it hasn't already become clear to you.

In New Jersey, as of August 31 2020, the state has begun clearing protocol for re-opening of businesses and offices - some for a few months already - and your pets will soon see an increase in you leaving home more frequently. Get ahead of the curve, and let us know if you will need our help visiting your pets when you return to work. Our team of dog walkers and pet sitters will be there for you for dog walking, pet sitting, and cat sitting services.

The peace of mind that comes with using a local and professional pet sitter that is trained in pet care, has insurance coverage, and now has COVID-19 health protocols is going to be paramount when helping your pet adjust in the coming months from separation anxiety. We are available to check in on your pets during the day, whether they need dog walks, cat sitting visits, or other pet care services.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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