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Pet Interview: Prince and Gia in Pennington

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Next up in our Pet Interview series, we have Prince (black on the left) and Gia (brown on the right). Both dogs are siblings, as well as dog walking and pet sitting clients of Simply Yours Concierge.

Dog walking nj

Hi. What are your names and how old are you?

- Hi! We're Prince and Gia. Prince will be turning 8 in January and Gia is 2.

What breed of dog are you? - Well, we're rescues. So, our parents don't necessarily know exactly but they're pretty sure that we have some sort of pit bull in there mixed with other things. We like to consider ourselves the best mix of everything.

Do you have any siblings?

- Nope, that's because WE'RE siblings.

Do you enjoy the company of your neighbors?

- Yeah, mostly. We have a few neighbors around us, but only Prince really interacts with them. Prince will run away and see them quite a bit.

What are your owners' names? - Michelle and Howard.

What town do you live in?

- We live in Pennington, New Jersey.

What's your favorite activity?

- Prince loves to eat and sleep. He will occasionally run away so he can socialize with the other neighborhood dogs. He has such a good time hanging out with the other dogs, that he forgets how to get home. We always have to go find him (Let him tell you about the time he came home in the back of a police car!) He also loves driving in the car. Gia loves very long walks in the doggy park, and she will go on for miles. She also loves to explore the woods. She loves to run free, but she always finds her way home, unlike Prince.

What do you do during the day when your owners aren't home?

- We sleep. Plain and simple.

If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

- Eat! Especially peanut butter, we love that stuff.

Do you have any nicknames?

- Prince is known as Big Guy, and Princey. Gia is sometimes known as GiaMia.

If you could tell your owners anything, what would it be?

- Thanks for keeping us sane with lots of bones! And - do we have to go to the vet?

Are you a pet sitting or dog walking client of Simply Yours Concierge?

- We're both! Mainly, Kyle will come by twice a week and take us out for some dog walking, but there was one or two occasions when he looked after us while our parents were away.

Final question: What do you like about Simply Yours Concierge?

- We like everything! No, seriously we like how Kyle can handle both of us while we go for walks. Gia is very strong, and likes to walk fast. Prince can sometimes be very slow and want to take his time walking down the sidewalk. As you can imagine, it turns into a bit of a lopsided walk with Gia way in front and Prince way in the back. Kyle makes it work for both us while keeping us comfortable.


Simply Yours Concierge is proud to service the Middlesex County Pet Sitting community, as well as Mercer County Pet Walking and parts of Somerset county. We're available for the following townships!

  • Belle Mead

  • Bordentown

  • Cranbury

  • East Brunswick

  • East Windsor

  • Edison

  • Ewing

  • Franklin Park

  • Hamilton

  • Hamilton Square

  • Helmetta

  • Highland Park

  • Hightstown

  • Hillsborough

  • Hopewell

  • Jamesburg

  • Junction

  • Kingston

  • Lawrence

  • Lawrenceville

  • Mercerville

  • Metuchen

  • Millstone

  • Milltown

  • Monroe Township

  • Montgomery

  • New Brunswick

  • North Brunswick

  • Pennington

  • Plainsboro

  • Princeton

  • Robbinsville

  • Rocky Hill

  • Skillman

  • South Brunswick

  • South River

  • Spotswood

  • Trenton

  • West Windsor

  • White Horse

  • Yardville

We also service the following Zipcodes:

  • 8502

  • 8512

  • 8520

  • 8520

  • 8525

  • 8525

  • 8528

  • 8534

  • 8534

  • 8536

  • 8540

  • 8550

  • 8553

  • 8558

  • 8560

  • 8601

  • 8610

  • 8618

  • 8619

  • 8620

  • 8628

  • 8638

  • 8648

  • 8690

  • 8810

  • 8816

  • 8817

  • 8818

  • 8820

  • 8823

  • 8824

  • 8828

  • 8831

  • 8837

  • 8840

  • 8844

  • 8850

  • 8852

  • 8882

  • 8884

  • 8890

  • 8899

  • 8902

  • 8904

  • 8933

  • 8989

  • 08901-08906

We can't wait to meet you!

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