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Don't Let Your Dog Eat Human Food at Holiday Meals!

Don't Let Your Dog Eat Human Food at Holiday Meals!

It's toxic for them!

Seriously guys.

We all know someone who has sneakily given their dog some human food while sitting around the table at a holiday meal. Don't do it! Watch out - your dog will start to have a tolerance and desire to eat human food if you continue to encourage this behavior :)

Dog Friendly Holiday Meals

Your dog can have:

  • carrots

  • celery

  • corn (no cob)

  • sweet potatoes

  • green beans

  • apples (no core/seeds)

  • pumpkin

  • rice

  • quinoa

  • a little cheese

  • turkey (no skin, fat or bones)

Just to be clear: the above foods that dogs CAN have, is still food that other animals can and do eat. Soooo it's not just human food :)

Your dog cannot have:

  • ham

  • chocolate

  • garlic

  • leeks

  • onions

  • grapes

  • raisins

  • raw potatoes

  • mashed potatoes

  • raw dough

  • canned cranberry

  • pre-made deserts

  • pie filling

  • stuffing

If you have any additions to this list, questions, comments, or disputes, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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