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Rainy Weather and Dogs

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Rainy weather and dogs...a relationship that's never really seemed to work. If you have a dog who enjoys going outside in the rain and doesn't mind it, consider yourself a lucky pet owner.

You may find that walking your dog in the rain is so frustrating because they don't want to get wet and make a move to get outside to pee. It's totally understandable. Here's some suggestions for rainy weather and dogs.

When walking a dog in the rain, you always want to be aware of puddles, rain collecting in streams, and other collections of water. It may sound wild, but I have experienced a dog casually walking through a puddle and then they walk out of it limping. Whether it's on pavement, or in a grassy area, they can step in puddles and not see a sharp object (rock, wood, or something else) at the bottom and come out limping. Stay away from ground water collection as much as possible.

Rainy weather days are both nourishing but frustrating. There are many dogs out there who do not enjoy being outside in the rain. It could just be me, but I believe this is for one or two reasons - they either hate the feeling of rain pelting their head/back/legs, or they simply don't like wetness and water.

Here are some recommendations if your dog doesn't enjoy walking outside in the rain:

1) Get them a raincoat - it will reduce the toweling you need to do, and should ideally reduce the world renowned wet dog smell.

2) Get them rainboots - some dogs hate getting their paws wet. Rainboots or boots made specially for dogs will solve this issue. The shoes are waterproof and will provide protection from mud, slush, rocks, and other objects in their path.

***BONUS - rainboots/boots will aid against dog paw pad damage caused by road salt and sidewalk salt during winter months.

3) Quick-Dry dog towel - or just a regular towel will do.

4) Dog paw cleaner - perfect for those who want to wipe their pet's paws efficiently and quickly following time spent outside in the elements.

5) Use an umbrella. Hold the umbrella over their body as they walk outside. This should aid in reducing the wetness for them.

We have quite a few clients who do love to walk in the rain too. You guys might not have to worry about this too much but maybe you'll have a pet in the future who hates rain, or a friend of yours who would find these suggestions helpful.

If you have a question about your dog, rain, and the elements, or want to mention tips and tricks for your pet to our team members to know when visiting them in wet weather, please don't hesitate to reach out and message us.

We're open daily - available for dog walking, dog sitting, pet sitting, and cat sitting services. Prepared with over 5 years of experience covering the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas, we have availability on our staff of a dog walker, dog sitter, pet sitter, and cat sitter. Servicing New Jersey (Middlesex County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, and Somerset County), along with Philadelphia County. Servicing Old City, Rittenhouse Square, and Center City in Philadelphia.


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