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Does your cat scratch your furniture?

Does your cat scratch your furniture?

It's become a common issue when your cat begins to neglect the cat scratching post and turns to scratching their nails on your furniture instead. It's such a frustrating issue - especially when you have expensive and beautiful furniture but love your cat. Of course you want to yell and scream but your cat doesn't understand the English language. What to do? As a professional pet sitter with experience with cat sitting, over the years we've come up with some suggestions for you if you're having this issue.

One option is to put plastic over the couch, but that's a 1970's design which is way out of style. You can put double-sided sticky tape over the trouble spot, but also sandpaper and upside-down vinyl carpet runner (the knobby parts up) work great. Covering up the trouble spot/corner with these items will make a definite difference but they may take away from the look of your furniture.

Another option is to put your cat scratching post(s) directly in front of the trouble spot, but they still might go around the post to scratch their favorite spot. A thoughtful made-at-home remedy that may help you is a specific mix of water, eucalyptus oil, and lemongrass oil. This mixture can be rubbed or sprayed on the spots where your cat usually scratches. It smells great for humans but really deters cats because of the aroma.

A final resort is trying to clip your cats' nails. They may be finicky and try to get away from you but it could be very worth it.

We also offer dog walking and pet sitting services in New Jersey to go along with our cat sitting offerings. Available every day, including weekends and holidays, to help you with your pet care needs.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or have a need for services. Thank you for reading.

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