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Companionship: The 5 differences between caring for dogs and cats.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

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In today's post, we have bits and pieces about the 5 differences between caring for dogs and cats, things that I've learned during my personal experience caring for dogs and cats, and a booking reminder at the end. I also want to give you loyal followers of Simply Yours Concierge an update about the direction that the company is heading as well...on to the blog.

At Simply Yours Concierge, our services may appear on the surface to be limited to dogs, as we offer Dog Walking services, but we also offer Pet Sitting services and care for cats. I consider cats to be just as deserving of personal care and companionship as dogs. Not only because I've personally owned many cats and cared for others' cats, but because they deserve and require attention like any other animal. And you know what else? Many of my fellow cat owners would argue the same thing. Although cats may have a public perception that they don't need or require attention or companionship, in reality they need a lot of attention and usually love to receive it. That's where we at Simply Yours Concierge come in, as we can provide the care and companionship that cats need with our Pet Services offerings when you are unable to provide it. There are many differences when caring for a dog or a cat, but I've compiled a short list of 5 differences between cats and dogs that I've noticed.

The first major difference is that dogs require much more exercise than cats. Dogs always need exercise, and that physical activity is required in order to help them not only live a healthier life, but to have a happier mood. Have you noticed that whenever you bring up the idea of a walk to your dog, they immediately perk up and start to get a bit antsy? That's because they love being walked and seriously enjoy the fresh air outside. They also enjoy having company when being walked, which is where Simply Yours Concierge can help if you are unable to find the time to walk your dog. If you're wondering if we offer a Dog Walk or exercise in a fenced in area during Pet Sitting visits, you don't have to worry as we definitely include that in our Pet Sitting services and consider it a vital part of the service. A second difference between dogs and cats is their diet. Yes, cats are more carnivorous than dogs are, and cannot be placed on a vegan diet whereas dogs can. Cats require some substance of animal meat in their diet and cannot digest plant material while dogs can have both of those substances in their meals. Still, if you're now getting the idea to place your pet on a vegan diet, please be sure to check with your veterinarian before doing so. Another difference between dogs and cats are their claws. Cats' claws always stay sharp unless trimmed because they have the ability to be retracted back into the paw. Dogs' claws cannot be retracted and stay exposed 100% of the time thus staying blunt as they are always being worn down. The 4th difference between cats and dogs is their training and ability to be trained. Cats are much more instinctual than dogs, and know where to go to the bathroom which is why you don't need to show them to a litter box. They can just pick it up after a day or so and know, "Hey, that's where I got to make." On the other hand, dogs have to be housebroken and trained where to go to the bathroom, even though the case is that more often than not they are willing to be trained so they can please their owner. The 5th and final difference is the Fight vs. Flight instinct that both canines and felines have. Felines can be both a predator and prey, as their bodies have formed over time to be quick and have the ability to adapt in Flight situations. Dogs do not have the extraordinary ability to jump like cats do, and often rely on their pack (if they have one) to hunt and Fight more than to flee. Also, a fun fact is that dogs are naturally able to run long distances while cats are known as sprinters which is why cats have to use their stealth during attacks and dogs can use endurance.

I've had many experiences when walking dogs, and am still making new memories, but the biggest recurrence for me is how much the dogs I walk enjoy themselves. It comes down to whether they like to take a leisurely stroll and sniff as many things as possible, or walk as fast as they possibly can because they need to exert some energy. Either way, walks are enjoyable and necessary for dogs. As a result, I try to tailor my walks to each individual dog client that I have. For example. my dog likes to walk really super fast and take time to sniff certain spots too. One of my clients tends to walk fast and then smells around a certain spot for long periods of time. She moves quickly but is often stationary and using her extraordinary sense of smell to explore. Another of my clients enjoys walking as slow as possible so he can enjoy the fresh air. It's incredible, he refuses to walk at a slightly quicker pace and I've never seen another dog walk as slow as this particular client of mine. We definitely tailor the dog walk experience for each individual client that we have at Simply Yours Concierge. My experience with cats has been that they love to play. Sometimes they may be in a mood and refuse to play, which tends to happen from time to time. However, more often than not you will find that when you wave their favorite toy in front of them the vast majority of the time they'll get up and start to jump around. That's really the most exercise you'll be able to get out of a cat, but it's always a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The reflexes and attention span of a cat is just totally unmatched.

Continuing along the lines of companionship experiences, I've found that it's just of the utmost importance to be available the client when giving them company. Both cats and dogs need attention more than they crave and desire it. It's really the biggest thing that I've learned over the years and it comes up consistently when I'm on my Pet Sitting jobs. Pay attention to your pets! Companionship is a massive part of caring for animals. When I care for them, I focus not only on the essentials for survival such as feeding and giving them fresh water, but on actual care such as talking to them and playing with them. Yes, you read that right; I talk to my clients. Talking to the pet you're caring for is necessary so you can develop a rapport with them. Similarly, it's vital for them to begin to recognize your voice and friendliness. They also need to be able to recognize when you walk in the front door to hang out with them that you are a fun and caring person who comes to see them every day. That's the difference that both myself and my company strive for when caring for our clients at Simply Yours Concierge.

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Before wrapping up the blog post, I want to remind you all that here at Simply Yours Concierge we are completely dedicated to our clients and your needs. As such, if you'd like to book services with me, or already do, you can do so any way you wish. Whether that is by coming on our website and going to the Bookings page, or by shooting me an email or text, it is completely up to you and I will work to help you. I am here for your convenience and to help you improve your daily work/life balance.

Now for an update on the progress of the company. Over the last few weeks, Simply Yours Concierge has expanded our client portfolio. We've welcomed new clients in West Windsor, South Brunswick, and Princeton. We are not limited to those areas, and service all of Central New Jersey. We are always looking for new clients, and we would like to remind you not to forget about the Simply Yours Concierge Referral Program, as it is definitely worth your time to check out!

Until next time,


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