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Cold Weather Tips for Your Pets

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

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It's January 16th and with the recent extreme cold weather that we've had here in New Jersey, I thought it would be a great time to remind everyone about pet safety on the sidewalks and roads in cold weather.

Keep Your Pets Safe in The Winter Months

Pets need special care and protection in cold weather, just like humans. These tips should help keep your pet (and our clients with Simply Yours Concierge) safe and comfortable during the winter months.

1. Protect their paws

Ice and snow can lead to cracked or bleeding paw pads, and ice accumulation between the toes can be uncomfortable on a walk. A properly fitting set of boots (on dogs) can help with foot protection, but carefully trimming excess hair between the toes can help reduce ice build up. My advice regarding paw protection is to be wary of the dogs walking with salt and ice on the sidewalks, and if you have to stop because they stop, then wipe down their paws or pick them up.

2. Wipe down after walks

Road and sidewalk salt, de-icers, and antifreeze can accumulate on your pet’s feet while walking outside in the winter months. These chemicals can irritate paws and may be toxic if ingested. Most dogs will lick and clean their feet following walks...To reduce the risk wipe down your pet’s paws, legs, and belly once back inside.

3. Just always be aware and conscientious of your surroundings.

Make sure that the animal you’re looking after is in a safe and fun environment.

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